Mysterious gas/petrol station on Streetview!

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GOOGLE MAPS is a useful tool for finding your way around. Whether you want to find the fastest route to work, or are exploring off the beaten track on holiday, these digital maps are on hand to help.

Every now and then, though, they reveal something mysterious such as this odd petrol station in the UK.

People are amazed that things like this can happen – but I’m not sure why. As an avid Google Maps fan, this is actually really common. Maybe I should start documenting more of this stuff?

Much like any other viewer, when first positioned outside of the garage he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, however he points out something odd happens when you move just a few paces ahead.

“I noticed this garage change to 3 different colours,” he writes. Indeed, what begins as a green garage with white detailing suddenly transforms as the Street View camera edges closer towards it.

The blue rapidly transitions to yellow, and then again to red. Is there something magical about this colour-changing garage? So basically Esso to BP to JET. Big deal.

Users of the popular forum site were quick to quash any hopes of magic, instead pointing out that its probably more to do with a paint job and a difference in dates between the three pictures. These were taken with a Galaxy A70.

One user comments: “Looks like it changed owners a couple times in the last 9 years.”

Amazing! Not.

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