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It turns out that our old API key was not using the newer system that Google prefers. So they disabled it – thanks a lot! Well we have a new API key, so if your old embedded map stops working then please accept our apologies and use the new key, by re-generating your map on the homepage. This will give you the new key to use.

We really wish Google would give us some advanced notice of this in future, it’s frustrating to come onto the website and see the map isn’t working – it’s the whole point of the website after all!

Anyway that bug is now fixed, thanks to those who reported it. If you find any more please contact us.

8 thoughts on “New API key

  1. Hi, we are trying to use your maps but when published the map says for development purposes only. The NEW API KEY article mentions your maps have the new API key to use. Can you advise? Many thanks

  2. Hi Jason,

    Now that google are charging for Map views doesn’t that mean you’re going to start to run up costs on that API KEY? or am I missing something obvious?


    1. It’s free for up to 500,000 views a day and we are hoping to negotiate with Google to get more, as this service is useful to many.

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