Google Maps Ratings Abuse – What Can You Do?

Getting barraged with bad reviews on a site such as TripAdvisor has become the bane of every restaurant owner’s existence – but the negative reviews culture has spread well beyond places to eat out.

Receiving a barrage of negative reviews on sites like TripAdvisor is a common occurrence for business owners in 2018, and the bane of many owner’s existence, but the reviewphile culture has now spread beyond restaurants & pubs in the UK….!

Google’s current choice to enable anybody to audit any business working on the planet has prompted UK courts and police headquarters confronting a whirlwind of surveys. The decision? Blended, without a doubt.

Would-be guests to the Thames officers court in east London – 1.8 ★ and 19 audits – are cautioned to “be careful with these justices and their counsels who withhold this information from the group to delude us”, are cautioned of “amateurish administration”, and told “they are all underqualified and futile, even the judges”.

Things deteriorate at Highbury judges court, with a 1.2 ★ normal and 45 audits that include: “My persevering duty is being spent on giving individuals sex changes and prematurely ending babies while law, access to equity and other fundamental segments of our popular government are perpetually being additionally dissolved”; and “Kafkaesque in the outrageous”. Stratford’s court midpoints only 1.4 ★, because of “inert and unhelpful” staff and “extremely poor” administration.

So what can be done?

Very little, unless you want to spend all day complaining to Google. It might be better to write your own positive reviews of your business – although this is against Google’s rules, so not something we recommend.

There is also the option to DISABLE reviews from showing on your Google Map script – if you are struggling with this then use our free tool, it only takes a few seconds.

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