Embedding a Google Map 2022

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Embed A Google Map

The story of Google Maps starts in Denmark where the brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen started their company โ€˜Where 2 Technologiesโ€™ and created a simple mapping software. In 2004, Google acquired this company from the brothers. Eventually integrating it with other companies which Google purchased over the next few years related to real time traffic analyzer and other mapping related applications. And finally launching Google Maps application in 2005. So Google Maps started its journey more than a decade ago, worked towards integrating numerous applications. Today it has evolved into one of the best mapping and location service in the world. The best part of course is that Google Maps and all its related services are offered absolutely free.

Different Google Map Types

There are different types of maps that Google offers to the users. Based on your requirements, you can opt for a particular style of map to embed in your website.

The โ€˜ROADโ€™ style offered by Google Maps offers the default road view whereas the โ€˜SATELLITEโ€™ maps offer Earth satellite view to the users.

The โ€˜HYBRIDโ€™ map style that is offered by Google Maps displays the mixture of both the satellite view as well as the normal view as well. There is also the โ€˜TERRAINโ€™ view that provides a compressible view of the terrain to the user.

To obtain the endless benefits of using Google Maps, all you need to do is integrate it with your website, for example if you are using Wix, like this.

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